Monday 22 April 2019
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NAUTILUS introduces the latest advances in optical technology which produces the smallest and hardest dot on the plate. The result is high quality plate imaging with the lowest operating cost in the industry. Nautilus was engineered to image all plate formats from 2 to 8-page signatures with resolutions from 1200 dpi to 2540 dpi. With a maximum format of 37.4" x 46.0" (950mm x 1170mm). The standard unit has production speeds over 18 Speedmaster 102 size plates per hour at 2400dpi. The Nautilus keeps multipress environments efficient through flexible, trouble-free performance
  • Engineered for quality with one of the smallest spot size in the industry supporting screen rulings over 200 lpi
  • Our violet laser technology supports traditional, lowchem, and chemistry-free violet plate technologies
  • Flexible ECRMs patent-pending plate loading and registration system allows for support of a wide range of plate sizes
  • Nautilus employs a simple plate load sequence that will automatically register and punch plates within .001"
  • High precision internal drum with vacuum-free operation.
  • Speed upgrades available for increased plate production.
  • Bundled with CtServer Professional ECRMs enhanced 1-bit TIFF server. Our open-ended software system accepts 1-bit TIFF files choose the solutions you want
  • Basic electricity requirements and quick installation no dedicated power line needed. Lowest energy consumption in the industry
  • Modular design keeps maintenance simple and costs low.
  • Simple and intuitive operator interface makes training easy for everyone.
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