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What is offered by Tiba International and agent Mimaki in Egypt
Tiba International offers you the agent of Mimaki Company in Egypt - the best Japanese banner printing machine in the world for printing outdoors and in-dor - Size 3.20 - and also provide - Banner printing machines in installments

Banner & Flex Printing Machine
Through this machine can print on the banner and flex at the lowest cost of ink also provides the company Tiba International all printing supplies of vinyl and flex and inks also characterized by Tiba International Company

The strongest maintenance team in the Middle East is a real guarantee on the machine for two years including damages

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Printing machines for advertising
The field of advertising is one of the most important activities that serve all economic, social, commercial, cultural and other sectors and this field is indispensable as it works on marketing for various production and service projects and be a reason in achieving these projects for huge profits, so it can be established a project of advertising Which make good profits especially for those who have new methods and different innovations in this field to cope with the tremendous progress that is happening now.

Project Idea :

Is the work of a company specializing in the field of advertising, printing and invitation cards and banners and advertisements newspapers and magazines.

Required equipment for the project:

The company can make interior decorations indicating its activity in the field of advertising.A small office is placed in the reception and the reception for the reception of customers and a computer that is connected to the Internet to design designs for advertising and a printer to print the company's projects and air conditioning fits the space of the place.

Employment required for the project of advertising company:

The project owner shall manage and supervise the employees while the employees of Tele Marketing are appointed to present the different offers to the customers through the phone and a graphic designer is appointed so as to make different designs for corporate advertising and the appointment of more than a sales representative in order to complete transactions between the company and customers To do the different accounting operations of the company.

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How to start the project:

This is done by providing good public relations so that presentations are made to known people. This is done through Tele Marketing (Telemarketing) staff at the company's headquarters. Their functions are to contact companies and stores. You can also provide the numbers of stores and companies through search sites such as Google, Willow Page, Directory and after contact and make an appointment with the customer is sent a sales representative in charge of the company to the customer to complete the transaction.

Marketing methods for the project of advertising company:

The marketing of the project is through various social media.
Banners are made in more than one large commercial area.
Distribution of the company's cards to friends, acquaintances and customers.
Search for companies and shops, communicate with them and provide company services and offers.

Success Factors of Advertising Project:

Choose the right location for the project.
Establish a large and complex public relations.
Not to exaggerate prices.
Good customer treatment.
Respond to customer complaints regarding the negatives facing them.